The Little Contraption That Could

No, it’s not a children's story, but a story of something new at The Chanler, specifically, The Spiced Pear Restaurant. We truly believe we have one of the finest by-the-glass selections in the area. We are always mixing it up, trying different varietals to feel out what our guests are looking for, what’s hot, who’s hot. One area we are consistently researching is how we can pour even the most precious wines for our guests by the glass, without risking opening a bottle, serving one glass, and then having it go bad. It would be a shame to pour any remaining wine that is not consumed down the drain!


Along comes The Coravin System which allows us to do exactly what we wanted to do: offer super-premium wines by the glass without the remainder in the bottle going bad. The Coravin was invented by a gentleman who, among other things, worked with medical devices. He was also passionate about his wine and wanted to be able to taste many different wines at the same time without pulling the cork. Long story short, using a non-coring needle, the perfect tool was invented. Along with Argon gas injected through the needle while in the bottle, accessing an expensive wine without fear of spoilage became a reality. 


We recently acquired one and began pouring a great wine, a 2010 Allegrini Amarone della Valpolicella Classico from the Veneto region of Italy, $22.00 for a 4 ounce pour. Wine Spectator rated this wine 95 points, and Wine Enthusiast 93 points--this is a rock star, well known to Amarone lovers! And for those that haven’t experienced an Amarone, here is your chance. To our glee, this trial has been received by our guests positively so much so that now we can offer other high-end wines, as many as we can without losing any to spoilage. The Coravin is able to move from one bottle to another, without any issues. This device opens up doors that once were inconceivable in a restaurant setting. There are many wine preservation systems out there, but they are complicated, lots of moving parts, etc. This is simply stated, brilliant. Back to the holidays-if you are a wine lover with an extensive cellar, this is a must-have tool. We are excited about how this is taking our wine by-the-glass program to new heights and our guests will be excited over the upcoming New Year’s Eve to have a glass.