'Tis the Season

Beer and winter, not a traditional thought but in today’s world of craft beers and those that are beer aficionados, enjoying beer is in vogue no matter the season. At The Spiced Pear, we have been offering a traditional winter beer for many years now. This beer hails from England, The Samuel Smith Brewery located in Tadcaster was founded in 1758, and is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and is one of the last independent brewers in England. The beer is Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale. They still use the classic Yorkshire system of fermentation in stone squares and their own well water. The brewery garners all sorts of recognition and awards, and rightfully so. While The Spiced Pear is not a place one thinks of for consuming beer, especially in the winter, this is a special brew, made for the holiday season and vintage dated. In our opinion, it is a real gem, one that we feel our guests will truly enjoy.


What makes this special is it is bit higher in alcohol, 6%, hence a fuller, richer beer to enjoy with the heartier foods of the winter season. It has a honey-amber color, floral aroma, caramel malt flavor, creamy texture with a long finish, and an IBU rating of 32, not too bitter, but enough to notice on the palate. It pairs equally with your friends or with some of the dishes Chef Duffy prepares for the winter season. We have been delighted with it ever since it arrived just before Thanksgiving. It is indeed a great beer and will last for months. So, after your long drive to The Chanler, grab a seat at the bar and try one out. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well this beer is made and even better, how good it tastes! As the label reads: “Blessed of your heart, you brew good ale!”-W. Shakespeare.