Rosé: Pairs with Everything, Including Summer

Domaine Couly-Dutheil in Chinon

Rosés are enjoying tremendous popularity after suffering for years at the hands of white zinfandel in this country. The perception by many was that rosés were boring, sweet wines. Nothing could be further from that stark assessment. True rosés are dry, fruity wines and good ones have enough acid to work so well with so many foods as well as minerality reflecting the terroir of the wine combining for a wonderful experience. And they typically are lower in alcohol, which is a good thing.  Many of the aromas displayed by good rosés denote summer fruits, especially strawberries. 

Now, at The Chanler, we have been pouring a rosé for years, but last year our Food & Beverage team decided to offer a second, very impressive offering. We chose a wine from Chinon, which is on the Loire River in France and is a sub-appellation of the greater Loire region and is known for its red wines, particularly cabernet franc. We must pay homage to the vignerons of Provence who have truly mastered the art of rosé but that doesn’t preclude producers from other regions to produce equally as amazing wines. The producer we chose is Couly-Dutheil and the wine is named in honor of one of the founders of the winery, René Couly.

It is rare to find this wine as the producer exports a small amount and we feel honored to offer this to our guests. It is darker in color than what most of us think a rosé should be, that salmon, light pink color. That was the first difference we noted, because of the use of cabernet franc. But what really got us was what was in the bottle. A truly refreshing example of a very well made rosé! Clearly, notes of strawberry, rose petals and hints of slate are on the nose. On the palate the medium body and good acidity in balance are accented by the fruit and floral highlights, has a long finish, and is crisp.

Now, these types of wines pair well with many foods and our guests will have no problem finding one to pair up with Chef Duffy’s great cuisine.

And if you can dine on the terrace and sit in one of our settees and enjoy the view overlooking Easton’s Cove, you will certainly have created a most memorable experience, one of the best that Newport has to offer! This is a great summer quaff, so make sure to try it, we are sure you will be as impressed by it as we were.