Sum-Thing Brewing

An ode to our German travelers with a Newport Hefeweizen

As the days grow longer and hotter, we find ourselves seeking refreshing, 'adult beverages'. At The Chanler, we are known for our wine list and our broad selection of spirits. However, those beverages aren’t necessarily thirst quenchers. Nothing is quite like a beer on a hot summer’s day and at The Chanler we have a nice, compact selection of beers. On our list we do have one beer that is perfect for the summer. It is brewed a few miles away at The Newport Storm Brewery. Our perfect for summer beer is their Summer Hefeweizen.

What makes this so special for our small beer list and summer? First, it is a German-style wheat beer, made with North American malts, North American wheat, and German Munich malts.

What is so special about German style wheat beers as opposed to Belgian witbiers, which have a honey-orange flavor, or American wheat beers, which are fairly mild and less distinguished? The German style provides wheat malt concentration, high carbonation and lower alcohol content, which today is important as people are choosing to consume session beers.

A session beer is one that allows the consumer to have multiple beers in a reasonable time frame, or session, without overwhelming your senses or reaching intoxication levels that aren’t acceptable. The term session beer is quite in vogue and it means that the beer contains no more than 5% alcohol, is balanced between hops and malt, and possesses a clean finish. The alcohol content in this offering is 4.1%.

These wheat beers have a distinctive yeasty tartness, with hints of fruit and spice, particularly banana and clove. These aromas and flavors are not artificial additives but rather come from the yeasts used, Bavarian hefeweizen! This particular local brew will rival any from Germany; the brewery really, truly nailed it. The beer is unfiltered, and therefore the “cloudy-hefe” (which means yeast in German) is what you are seeing. This beer is a real thirst-quencher, one that we feel you will thoroughly enjoy. It is a drink that won’t fill you up, won't make you feel like you’ve had too much or even overwhelm your senses! So, grab your friends, get into an Adirondack chair on our lawn, and enjoy a great, local, sessionable German-style wheat beer overlooking Easton’s Cove. Life is good!