Kickstarting the Imagination


There's a reason why we chose Carlos Andres Toro, Creative Producer | Founder of JetSet Digital, to showcase what makes The Chanler a standout among Newport’s accommodations. Simply put: he gets us. 


From our rich history and Gilded Age glamour to the cutting edge conveniences that make a stay at The Chanler so unforgettable, his extraordinary work transcends mere words to capture and convey not just the look of our luxury, European-inspired boutique hotel, but also the feel. 

We took time out to talk to Carlos about his commitment to his creative craft, where he finds inspiration, and how he translates that inspiration into an authentic story. Let’s take a closer look.

Given that you shoot short films for clients that you may be meeting for the first time, how do you capture the spirit of the business? How do you know what’s important to shoot?

The process begins with simply discussing the organization or business with our partners.  Let's find out how you feel about what you do over some casual conversation.  Chances are that you are so close to your daily operations, that you may be missing the impact that you have on your clientele on a daily basis.  The end goal is to have both the organization and their clientele experience the property or business in a new light.

What goes in to finding the right soundtrack for your films? How do you know when it’s the right “fit”? 

When composing the soundtrack for the film it should drive the tone and momentum in the piece or give us a break for reflection.  We are all very busy people these days and we really enjoy creating visual landscapes where a viewer can allow their mind to rest and reflect on a certain feeling or mood. We work with our partners who compose pitch perfect soundscapes to compliment the visual capture.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

We are natural explorers, so we find the cool in each one of our projects and emphasize that. But our work also varies greatly, for example next week we'll be visiting Guadalupe Island to film Great White sharks as part of our adventure travel series. Powerful and complex creatures on full display. This is an exciting time to provide authentic films to companies and organizations across the globe.

What makes JetSet Digital stand apart? What does JSD see as the future of films for businesses?

We represent the best, recent developments in digital media.  Passionate explorers that approach your organization with a fresh perspective that respects heritage and celebrates innovation.  Film is but one tool that we utilize to keep our partners in the hearts and minds of their clientele. 


There is a fundamental law that states if you talk about your own coolness, it evaporates immediately.

What makes JSD 'cool'?


How would you describe the personalities of the creatives working at JSD? 

JetSet Digital is composed of emerging creatives who have a deep-seated necessity to experience and relay beauty throughout the world and this work requires full-time creatives. This is the type of person that cares obsessively about what's next, how to improve, how to add value and can execute aggressively with deep care and sensitivity for our partners.   Our partners provide exclusive access to a very exclusive lifestyle - we need to be sensitive to why that's important and how that impacts their clientele.

Why did you get into film? Why this type of film?

Film is a powerful medium when executed properly. It can move and stir people to action or act as a recall to very fond memories.  We excel in the realm of authentic narrative development, but can display our strengths in a range of formats.


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If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

What inspired you about The Chanler?

The history here is palpable and is set on a backdrop, the sea stretching out to the horizon, that encourages reflection and inspiration.  That's powerful.  Our piece was meant to invite and kick-start the imagination of what a stay at The Chanler would feel like for a guest, but there is so much more to explore.

What did you most want to convey?

We decided to convey the attention to detail that is found at The Chanler.  Each room can transport you to a different mood and tone. This is a property that understands the importance of providing an indelible experience on its guests and that is communicated perfectly at the granular level within The Chanler.


Watch the film:

The Chanler Film

The Chanler Film