Top 5 Locations To Post From on Instagram During Your Next Trip to Newport

The old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". This statement is true today more than ever before. A vacation is not complete without documenting it on your Facebook & Instagram feeds or posting it to your Snapchat story. We all take time to stop and capture pictures to fill our feeds with memories and excitement.  Due to this increasingly popular behavior that we all are constantly displaying while on vacations, we decided to make a special list for our guests. These are the top 5 locations that you absolutely must stop at and get that lucrative picture during your next trip to Newport. 

1. The Cliff Walk

Start of Cliff Walk-The Chanler.jpg

2. International Tennis Hall of Fame 

International Tennis Hall of Fame.jpg

3. Bowen's Wharf 

Bowen's Wharf.jpg

4. Rosecliff Mansion  


5. Ocean View from Rough Point Mansion 

Rough Point.jpg