Daffodils for Days!

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While the rest of the country is busy battling spring fever this time every year, Newport goes distinctly daffy. We’re talking about our Daffodil Days Festival -- a celebration of the season which finds the whole town abloom with golden-hued daffodils. Just how many flowers are we talking about? 681,750. But who’s counting? Here’s a closer look at this eagerly-awaited annual event -- going on right now in the City by the Sea.

Get Your Daffy On

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The 4th Annual Newport Daffodil Days Festival -- which began on April 15th and continues through the 23rd -- is so bursting with events and activities (and daffodils, natch) that it can’t be squeezed into one weekend. Rather, it’s nine full days of flower-packed fun.

From a marathon with a unique seaside start and the Lighting of the Trees at the Newport Arboretum to Daffy Doggies on Parade and the Driving Miss Daffodil gathering of daffodil-bedecked classic cars, there’s truly something for everyone. House and garden tours, film screenings, daffy daiquiris and daffy-tinis, and the annual Tour De Jonquilles Bike Ride round out the list of reasons to make Newport your destination this month.

Want to get even more out of your daffodil dallies? Purchase a Daffy Pin at Bowen’s Wharf and the Discover Newport Visitor’s Center for just $5 to gain access to “Daffy Deals” at participating Newport shops, restaurants and attractions.

Planting with a Plan

But why all the daffodils, anyway? As if Newport wasn’t already gorgeous enough, the Daffodillion Campaign aims to add even more luster to this luxe locale with the goal of planting a million (or “dillion,” as we like to say) daffodils throughout the city’s neighborhoods. The campaign has officially surpassed the halfway mark, and all proceeds from the Daffodil Days Festival go to purchasing even more daffodil bulbs to plant in the fall.

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At The Chanler, we’re delighted to join in this alluring effort while hosting our annual event, “Spring Fling at The Chanler at Cliff Walk.” Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, live music and a complimentary champagne toast to nature’s eye candy while taking in the hundreds of daffodils set against Easton’s Bay.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind way to welcome spring while doing your part to make the world a more beautiful place, we can think of no way better to do so than during Newport’s Daffodil Days Festival. And really -- when was the last time you went daffy?

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