A Colonial Experience

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Accommodations at The Chanler are anything but the typical “beige box." In fact, each of our luxurious rooms highlights a different historical period or theme in homage to Newport’s fabled past. Today, we’re delighted to kick off a new blog series aimed at sharing each of these distinctive rooms with you, along with our suggestions for tailored activities around each room's theme to help complete your stay. Up first in the series? The Colonial Room.

About the Colonial Room

As one of the 13 original British colonies, Newport is filled with exquisite Colonial homes. This helped inspire the design and creation of our very own Colonial Room. From the antique wide-planked pine floors to intricate, era-appropriate chandeliers in bronze and tin, this ocean view oasis is an exquisite example of what you’d find if you stepped back 350 years in time.

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And while the Colonial Room has been carefully curated to reflect the architecture of the historical period it represents, guests also enjoy access to world-class comforts unheard of by our forefathers, including all of the modern services and amenities found in the world’s best hotels, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary glass of wine, house car transportation, and bath butler service.

The Colonial Experience

What better way to immerse yourself in Newport’s authentic atmosphere -- it’s home to more than 300 pre-Revolutionary War era buildings -- than with a stroll through its well-preserved “living neighborhoods?”

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Newport History Tours’ “Discover Colonial Newport” walking tour transports visitors on a journey back in time. In addition to taking in many significant historical sites, you’ll also hear tales of everything from revolution and ruin to extraordinary entrepreneurship to the settlement’s commitment to religious freedom, which established Newport as a “beacon to settlers with wide-ranging religious beliefs,” according to the Newport Historical Society.

And no weary traveler’s visit to Newport is complete without a stop at the White Horse Tavern. Heralded as “America’s Oldest Restaurant,” this “bucket list bar” which first opened its doors in 1673 was the place to be for everyone from British soldiers and colonists to pirates, sailors, and even a Hessian mercenary or two. In addition to serving as the meeting place of the Colony’s General Assembly, Criminal Court and City Council for a century, the White Horse Tavern also had a license to sell “all sorts of Strong Drink” and is also credited with being the “birthplace of the Businessman’s Lunch.” Today, this storied spot remains a must-do destination for those looking for a fresh, contemporary taste of 21st century Rhode Island (in a 17th century setting, natch).

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Sure, anyone can visit Newport, but how many can do it in consummate colonist style? Call The Chanler at Cliff Walk today or book your stay direct with us in the one-of-a-kind Colonial Room.