Motor On Over to Newport

Think boats are the only vehicles to see when you visit Newport? Think again. It’s all about cars at the Audrain Automobile Museum. Opened in the Fall of 2014 with the vision of becoming one of New England’s premiere automotive museums, the Audrain comprises more than 200 of history’s rarest and remarkable vehicles -- making it a must-do destination during your next visit to Newport. 


About the Audrain

The museum is an apt addition to the town which played host to the country’s very first automobile race (a blazing speed of 33 mph). While there’s no better place to discover the richness of America’s past than Newport, the Audrain revs up the appeal even more.

Whether you’re a first-timer at the museum or a frequent flyer -- or, driver -- you can expect a completely new experience every time you visit thanks to themed exhibits featuring a rotating lineup of fully restored vehicles ranging from the early 20th century to the present day.

Currently on exhibit through February 3rd at the Audrain is “Porsche Then & Now”. The exhibition highlights Porsche’s 70 years of excellence including the early air-cooled 39 horsepower, 4 cylinder 356 to today’s much more advanced water-cooled 700 horsepower 6 cyclinder 911 engines.

Ferry Porsche decided in the 1940s that any car that gets you from just here to there is not far enough. That is what lead to the development of the first 356 leaving a Gmünd, Austria factory in 1948. It was built on the belief that a sports card should exemplify superior power to weight ratio.


Visiting the Museum  

The Audrain is currently open from 10am to 4pm daily with admission fees of $15 for adults; $10 for seniors; members of the military & students and $8 for children ages 6-17. 

If you'd like arrange for a private and customizable guided tour experience for your small group of up to 50 people, email or call 401-856-4420.

Concours & Motor Week

This past Novemeber, the Audrain Automobile Museum made an exciting announcement. The inaugural Audrain’s Newport Concours & Motor Week will take place October 3rd, 2019 - October 6th, 2019. The event will be a celebration of the history of sportsmanship and motoring in Newport, Rhode Island. In fact, Newport is the birthplace of motor racing in America. Thanks to Willie K. Vanderbilt’s purchase of a Daimler Phoenix, a craze kicked off around town. Willie and his friends raced all along Ocean’s Drive in their new rides causing a ruckus. With their racing now restricted, the Vanderbilt Cup was officially created in September of 1900.

To celebrate this important history, the Audrain Automobile Museum has decided that Newport needs a special event. Some of Newport’s most historic locations will host the events during Concours & Motor Week. These include the historic mansions of Bellevue Avenue, the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Redwood Library and the Newport Pell Bridge. Festivities include musical performances at the Tennis Hall of Fame by Grammy award winning artists, a celebrity symposium & book signing and a Tour d’Elegance. Plan your October getaway to Newport on The Chanler’s official website now.